1. Seller Authorization/Information: Fill out your seller information online in Qualia and e-sign your authorization within 72-hours of our initial request. Failure to provide this information timely delays our team in completing the next steps in the process.  
  2. Title Issues: Please provide your owner’s title insurance policy from when you originally purchased the property. This can be found with your original closing documents, or look for the company name on the closing statement from your purchase and call to request a copy be emailed. 
  3. HOA Rules Compliance: Email your HOA Management Company and confirm there are no violations! Buyers require that your property be compliant with the HOA’s Rules and Regulations. If there is a violation, the buyer will only close with the violation is corrected and the HOA Management Company confirms in writing that the violation no longer exist and there are no associated or further fines.
  4. Rental Restrictions: Email your HOA Management Company and confirm there are no leasing restrictions (e.g. prohibitions on leasing and percentage rentals allowed)! If a company is buying from you, please make sure to check the addendum to your contract. If they plan to rent the property to a tenant after closing, then there must be no leasing restrictions.  
  5. Survey Issues: If you have an old survey, please provide it. Due to the state of the current economy, surveys are taking 4-6 weeks to complete. Having an old survey on file may be enough to clear that issue.