Where do I get keys?

Hankin & Pack does not hold or distribute keys. Please ask your agent to contact the listing agent.

When do I need to wire?

Please wire your cash to close either the business day before closing or the morning of closing. If your signing is early and the final number is not available in time to wire, you can wire the funds after your

Will Hankin & Pack PLLC order a survey?

NO. We do not order surveys on behalf of buyers. We can provide a list of surveyors though.

Is it a conflict of interest to represent both the buyer and seller?

NO. Please direct your attention to our engagement disclosures and the areas that highlight our representation. Depending on the state, we owe a duty to different parties. Real estate is a rare area of law where the same attorney can

How can I get a status update?

For best response, please see our recommended contact methods below: Login and send a secure message via your Qualia Connect Portal Call Your Qualia Connect Contact (listed in the Qualia Connect Portal) Still cannot reach your assigned team member? Call