Can you send my lender on my new home purchase a preliminary settlement statement for this sale?

Your lender needs to see an accurate closing statement. We cannot provide an accurate closing statement until we have reviewed title and received all payoffs. Your closing statement is generally available 3-business days prior to your closing date.

What are my typical closing costs?

Real Estate Taxes; Excise/Transfer Tax; Attorney Fees; HOA Transfer/Certification/Delivery/Service Fees; Mortgage Payoffs; Liens/Judgments Payoffs Any other fees agreed to in your contract.

Why is my mortgage payoff on the closing statement not the same as the balance showing on my account?

Mortgage payoffs are padded with interest and include fees. Any funds paid to your lender over the amount owed will be refunded by your lender within weeks after closing. Please make sure to contact them if you have not received

What if my HOA is considering leasing restrictions?

If there are proposed leasing restrictions that are not yet passed that would impact the buyer’s ability to lease the property in the future, then the contract will terminate.

What if my HOA has leasing restrictions?

Our law firm works with iBuyers and REIT’s (commonly know as hedge funds). Please check the addendum to the contract. If they intend to lease the property, then there cannot be any leasing restrictions, or the contract will terminate.

Can I e-sign my closing documents?

No. We must have original signed closing documents that are notarized. This signing can be done remotely, but we would need the originals sent back with a prepaid UPS Label we provide.