Why are you asking for my credit card for a HOA Payment?

Some HOA’s require up front payment to provide the HOA Statement, which is a summary of dues and fees owed at closing. In the event there is a prepayment required, we will reach out to fill out a credit card

Where do I leave my keys, garage door openers, key fobs?

Hankin & Pack does not hold or distribute keys. Please ask your agent to confirm with the buyer’s agent.

Does my spouse need to sign the closing documents if there are not on the deed?

If the property you are selling is a North Carolina property, then spouses are required to sign all closing documents (even if not on title).

Should I expect to receive my proceeds on the day of the closing?

We always do our best to ensure funds are disbursed on the day of closing. If we miss recording or wire cutoff, funds will be sent the following business day.

Should I close my sale of existing home and new home purchase on the same day?

NO. We never encourage our sellers to sell and buy in the same day. To ensure the funds are available for the purchase, please close the purchase on the following business day.