Buyer's Journey

Buying with Hankin & Pack PLLC

We tailor the buyer journey to your needs, making the process
fast and efficient with communication at every step of the journey.

Login to Qualia

An email will come from Qualia requesting you create an account, log in, complete your seller/buyer information, and sign our engagement letter.

Scheduling Signing

We schedule your signing in one of our signing locations or remotely

NOTE: For closings involving lenders, we always need signed and notarized originals, so there is not an electronic option

Title Search & Review

We conduct a title search and an attorney reviews it to ensure your property’s title is clear.

Title Documents Sent to Lender

We send the title commitment and requested pre-closing documents to your lender.

HOA & Mortgage Payoff(s)

If the property is part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) then we will order an HOA Statement.

Homeowners association demand fees are the outstanding debts required to be paid before a homeowner can sell their home such as dues, transfer fees, certification fees, etc.

Receipt of Your Lender’s Closing Constructions

Once your loan is clear to close, they will send us closing instructions and their fees. We will then balance our closing statement with the lender’s closing statement and provide your final cash required to close.

Receipt of Loan Package

Your lender will send us the loan documents for you to execute at closing.

Executing the Documents

Review the closing statement with an attorney and execute all of your documents in office or remotely. This process takes between 45-60 minutes.

Recording/Disbursing of Funds

We always do our best to ensure that ownership of the property transfers on the day of closing, but this may occur on the following business day. In North Carolina, ownership transfers on the day of recording. In South Carolina and Georgia, ownership transfers once all documents are signed by all parties and all funds are in our trust account.

Buyer FAQs

Where should my lender send the title request?

Is it a conflict of interest to represent both the buyer and seller?

NO. Please direct your attention to our engagement disclosures and the areas that highlight our representation. Depending on the state, we owe a duty to different parties. Real estate is a rare area of law where the same attorney can be on both sides of the transaction.

Will H&P order a survey?

NO. We do not order surveys on behalf of buyers. We can provide a list of surveyors though.

When do I need to wire?

Please wire your cash to close either the business day before closing or the morning of closing. If your signing is early and the final number is not available in time to wire, you can wire the funds after your signing.

Where do I get keys?

Hankin & Pack does not hold or distribute keys. Please ask your agent to contact the listing agent.

Can I e-sign the closing documents?

NO, unless you are a cash buyer. If there is a lender involved, then we require original singed documents.

Where do I send my Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)?

Please send the EMD check to our office address for the state where your property is located, wire the funds to our trust account using wire instructions provided securely by our firm, OR use

Where do I send Due Diligence Funds (DD)?

Please check with our staff as this differs depending on the seller.

Can I bring a certified check as my cash to close?

We only accept funds via certified check for amounts of $1,000 or less. All other funds must be wired to our trust account using wire instructions provided securely by our firm.

When do I get my final cash to close?

We only have the final cash to close when we receive instructions from your lender and balance (or match) with their their closing team. This often happens within days of closing.

Where do I find wire instructions?

We send the wire instructions securely through Qualia. Please check your document section in Qualia.

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